Who the hell is Bullfrog?
Greetings, we are Bullfrog, a most distinguished casual raiding guild located on The Venture Co.! We are a friendly and welcoming group of players who really enjoy playing together and consider that more important than insane loot or prestige (because we're definitely not getting any of that).

Nevertheless, we do like a challenge and as such we do not engage in farm raids, but are always trying to do raid content that's just a little bit above our current skill level. In practice, that means that we are able to finish heroic, and perhaps kill some mythic bosses.

Like most guilds, we are looking for more, so feel free to browse the site or whisper any of us in game if you want more info.

Here's a picture of a frog. Some of us look like him in real life: A Bullfrog

News Feed

New raiding guidelines!

Uttifanten - 75 days ago

At the top of the page you can find our guidelines for our raids. We demand everbody attending to know these by heart. Otherwise we'll summon the mighty Bullfrog to lecture you in our ways of playing. Don't anger the frog.

The Bullfrog got Guildlaunched!

Scrollbar - 76 days ago

Well as the title says, we got ourselves a fancy home on the interwebs!

Here we intend to receive potential recruits, broadcast our latest and greatest adventures to the universe(s), and put some info that nobody will read but we will take their DKP for not reading it nonetheless. Just kidding, we don't have DKP, but we have other ways to 'incentivize' our peons people...

Feel free to browse and be impressed by our greatness!

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